Rolling and Crawling Titles

To create a rolling (moves from bottom to top) or crawling (moves from right to left) titles is very similar to creating static titles.

  1. Open the Title Tool and select either the Crawl or Roll button.
  2. Select the Text option and type your text on to the title.
  3. As you enter text with a rolling title you will notice the length of the page becomes longer the more lines you type. However, with crawling titles the text does not continue to move to the left. Instead it flows down as with a normal text box. Once you have finished entering your text, go to the Object menu and select Make Crawl. The text will be placed on a single line and you can use the scroll bar to view it.
  4. Format the text as required and save the title to your bin.
  5. To add the title to the sequence open the title into the Source monitor.
  6. Add a second video track by selecting Clip – New Video Track.
  7. Drag the V1 source button to V2 record track to patch the track.
  8. Add an IN and OUT point onto the sequence where the title will appear.
  9. Add the title to the sequence by clicking the OVERWRITE button.
  10. To view the title it must be rendered first.
  11. Once rendered you will see the title either roll or crawl.
  12. If the speed of the title is too fast or too slow adjust the IN OUT point and overwrite until you are happy with the speed.

About shazmagill

I work as a Senior Technical Demonstrator and Lecturer in digital storytelling at Cardiff School of Journalism, Cardiff University. I teach and support any tools necessary for our students to function as journalists or media practitioners. This means anything from audio recording techniques, video editing, photography and print and mobile publishing. I have recently completed MA in Arts Practice (Fine Art) at the University of South Wales exploring the subjective and objective view and community storytelling through art of the Rhondda valley.
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